Joram Blomkwist (1979) is a photographer from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

His father worked as a set dresser for film and television, where Blomkwist spent many times in studios and on film sets. Influenced by this, he attended the Art Direction School.
After graduating, Blomkwist assisted national and  international photographers.
In those years his interests evolved from advertising photography (from the front) more to portraying the back of our consumption.

Blomkwist researches, collects and photographs consumed or destroyed objects and shows the results of human activity.


Art direction | Junior academie Amsterdam


Damn magazine | Crushed cars
GARAGISME magazine | Crushed cars
Average Art | Anger Management
PS van de week/Het Parool | Talking Trash
PS van de week | Sound of Silence
Pakhuis de Zwijger | Talking Trash
GEO Kompakt | Anger Management
Joods Cultureel Kwartier | Talking Trash

IPA International Photo Awards 2020
Honorable mention for Nobody Knows | Ferrari 1987
TIFA Tokyo International Foto Awards 2018
Honorable mention for Anger management

Amsterdam Museum/Corona in de stad | Sound of Silence | 2020/2021
Outdoor exhibition Damsquare Amsterdam|Sound of Silence | 15-05-21