Talking Trash discloses the backside of consumption: trash. Moving beyond the inherent discomfort of trash, it puts the things that shouldn’t be seen right in your face. It’s the stuff we want to get rid of. The things we don’t want to see. Exposing the tiniest detail, Blomkwist tells beautiful stories of trash, revealing the perfection of imperfection and shaping order from chaos.


The process of the project is one of consistency, routine and dirty hands. The fourteen portrets  display one person’s or family’s trash, as Blomkwist collected their garbage bags for weeks in a row. Upon opening the bags, he would find structure in colour, product, spending pattern and providers to form the subject’s signature of consumption.


The compositions catches everyone’s secret inner voyeur, confronting and amusing at the same time in a richly detailed, colour blocking, eye popping experience.


Fine Art print framed with anti-reflex glass.
Framed by Profilex